19.03.2012 - CESP

Final Resolution

Of the 8th Congress of the C.E.S.P. in Santander (Spain)

The European Council of police unions (C.E.S.P), a non governmental organization of the Council of Europe, representing 300 000 police officers in 19 countries (of which 13 are members of the EU) and representing 20 unions, held its congress in Santander (Spain) from 14th to 16th March 2012. The main topic was:

“Police force in the heart of the economic crisis:
Place and role of the police citizen”
On this occasion a new Executive Bureau has been elected:

President: Branko PRAH (PSS - Slovenia)

General Secretary: Gérard GRENERON (SNOP-SCSI - France)

Treasurer: Johannes IMMEL (BDK - Germany)

Deputy General Secretaries: (in alphabetic order)

Mario COIMBRA (ASFIC/PJ – Portugal)
Massimo DENARIER (SAP - Italy) Michael KARAMALAKIS (POAXIA - Greece)
Michi LEPADAT (Prolex – Romania)
Charalambos SOCRATOUS (CPA – Cyprus)
Walter WELTING (ANVP – Netherlands)

After 23 years CESP is a strongly united organization which has as a main objective the defense of the rights of thousands of men and women who are members of the police force of their respective countries, understanding that this profession is one of the pillars of the construction of a freer and safer Europe. Since the previous Congress various activities have been carried out by the organization and we must highlight in this Final Resolution that four new countries have joined: Montenegro, Albania, Lithuania and Ukraine, representing our commitment to have a meeting point in the CESP for all the European police officers in order to reach common objectives.
The impact of the economical crisis on all the police officers in Europe is noticeable everywhere, in some countries government have taken drastic measures which expose the members of the police to danger and affect their lives and the life of their families. Funds are becoming less and working hours more and more, rights and benefits which they have acquired over the years are taken away from them, whatever was earned in a long struggle is just erased from one day to the other.

CESP reassures the commitment to The European Convention on human rights, European Code of Police Ethics and The European social Charter and demands its application for all the police forces in Europe.

Safety is an essential for the implementation of the fundamental rights and without it, there is no true democracy. The personal commitment of every police officer is as important as the efficient work of our government who must understand the importance of the functioning of the police. Budgets related to safety must not be cut because this affects the European way of life. Therefore the role of the police officers who represents his colleagues through a trade union must be considered as imperative.

CESP, which brings together thousands of police officers throughout Europe, must communicate to the governments the very clear message of those who want a strong, fair and democratic Europe where freedom and safety are key points to reach these objectives.

CESP also believes that the postponement of the retirement age of police officers is a hazard to the citizens as well the police officer. In fact it is scientifically proven that after 50 years of age, the reflexes, the physical fitness and performance of a human being become weaker. Stress and other factors in connection with the profession of a police officer will affect their life expectancy.
We as police officers identify ourselves with the rest of the workers and we know that we have a great commitment to our societies but we are not responsible for the serious mistakes made by some economic sectors such as the financial ones or by some governments, which have such a negative impact on our colleagues.
At the heart of the crisis, every police officer must understand that the end of the crisis will only be possible through work well done, but also through the demand of the responsibilities of our governments in order to have a more efficient management.

As its first and strong political decision, the new Executive Bureau of CESP has decided to organize urgently its first meeting in Budapest (Hungary), due to the alarming situation of its national member FRSZ.

The Congress of C.E.S.P.
March 16, 2012