24.09.2010 - PRO LEX

24.09.2010 The Romanian Policemen protested against the decrease of the normal life standard


For the first time in history, at the protest meeting on the 24 of September 2010, the Romanian Policemen were jointed and demonstrated that they are more powerful than the leadership of the Ministry of Interior and "the others" designated with the manipulation and boycott of the protest meeting.

After the protest meeting and the march (spontaneously organized), on the 27 of September, the minister of Interior has resigned and, at the same day, it was nominated another person as minister.

On the beginning of October, the all five National Confederations will organize a BIG protest meeting and The PRO LEX Union will be there to claim its members rights.

The Romanian Policemen have the next demands:

-         The degradation of the social situation because of the decrease of their salary with 25 percents;

-         The absence of the necessary logistics for their ordinary professional activity;

-         the overtime work unpaid;

-         the augmentation of the retirement age, although the statistics shows that the policemen hope of life is only 62.5 years;

-         the unjust discharge of the special retired pays.

President of PRO LEX Union,

Vasile Lincu