23.09.2010 - CESP - ANPV

23 to 25.09.2010 – The Hague (Nederlands) The CESP/ANPV-Iuvare European Learning Program.
 The trade union CESP delegates of MPS (FYROM), Pro Lex (Romania) MPA (Malta) (SUP) Montenegro, (IPTU (Serbia) and the Secretary General of CESP meet with ANPV as organizer of the meeting.
This meeting was the first step of a more large learning program for the CESP’s members according to the decision took in Malta (2009 - Executive Committee of St Julian’s) about working on the educational program for Cesp members.
The goals for this first meeting was: Sharing knowledge NL-EU
EU-meltingpotCombine educationGrowing of understanding EU-wide HOW:Sharing best practicesTraining on community policingTraining to be street director

Making steps towards the future. Writing applications intern / extern Writing subsidising routesSTARTING EDUCATING our members.