22.02.2010 - USPFBiH

23.01.2010 USSPFBiH In Sarajevo bosnian Police officers in front of the Bosnian Parliament

23.01.2010 in front of Parliament of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina there was a warning protest meeting organized by Independent Trade Union of BiH. About 250 police officers participated on this protest meeting.
House of Representatives of parliament of FBiH, has unanimously and with Union consent, brought a conclusion to withdraw from the agenda of yesterdays session of Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina, disputable Proposal of Law for realising savings in Federation of BiH. Also they have decided that the Economic-Social Council must declare on this point too. Accordingly, this proposal has to be coordinated with Union and then returned to the agenda of Parliament. This means that Union demands from yesterdays protest have been esteemed.The President of USPFBiH thanks the colleagues from Police Union of Macedonia (FYROM) who gave us their support.