21.05.2009 - ASPP/PSP

Portuguese Police Officers delivered hats in front of official PM residence

After the 21st May demonstration, when thousands of Police Officers filled the Lisbon streets to show the Portuguese Government their indignation on the new professional statute, the ASPP/PSP decided to promote the delivery of the Police hats in front of the official Portuguese PM residence, on the 8th June 2009.

As announced by ASPP/PSP President, Paulo Rodrigues, during the 21st demonstration, if there was no sign of willing to negotiate by the Portuguese Government, the Police Officers would deliver their hats on the official Portuguese PM residence.

The ASPP/PSP decided it would be a protest where its national leaders would represent all the Police Officers, but the growing disagreement with the Government policy transformed the protest in a new demonstration, where more than 1.000 police officers decided to attend and deliver their hats to the PM José Sócrates.
´The protests will go on, and there’s already a new action predicted to 30th June.