21.05.2009 - ASPP / PSP

Portuguese Police Officers invade Lisbon.

About 8.000 Police Officers answered positively to the ASPP/PSP appeal and marched on the Lisbon streets. This was the biggest demonstration ever made by the PSP professionals.

The growing disapproval of the last four years Government’s policies had its maximum point last 21st May, when thousands of Police Officers filled the Lisbon streets to show the Portuguese Government their indignation on the new professional statute.

After four years of rights’ restriction, ASPP/PSP considers the Portuguese Government is about to lose a great chance of restitution of the unfair measures taken since 2005 until now. After the promises of bargaining the document, shown on the first meeting, the Government decided not to take any of the ASPP/PSP proposals.

So, ASPP/PSP decided to mobilize all the Police Professionals to the 21st May demonstration, in a fighting journey that counted on the presence and solidarity of all the remaining 8 trade unions.

The success of this demonstration was a huge response to the Government disrespect by the Police Professionals and its Trade Unions.

On the same day, ASPP/PSP decided a new fighting action that will take place on the 8th June, inviting all the Police Officers to deliver their hats to the Portuguese Prime-Minister.

The fight will go on!