16.10.2009 - CESP

Executive Committee of St. Julian's (Malta)

The Executive Committee of the CESP took place in St. Julian’s [34 KB] (Malta) on October 16 and 17, 2009 on the topic:

“When somebody attacks a Police Officer, it’s an attack on Democracy!”

Following warning of the CESP during the Executive Committee of Sarajevo [34 KB] (May 2009), the leaders of the member organisations have evoked the crisis effects on the delinquency and the increase of the offenses against the police forces and the people in charge of the authority (Firemen, Teachers, emergency Doctors, bus Drivers, etc.).

The CESP reminds that the Police cannot be the ”fire brigade” of the society.

The CESP demands that the States put partnerships with the institutional and social actors to protect from the crisis effects.