06.10.2009 - BDK

Klaus Jansen reelected as BDK`s President

From 6th to 8th of October the BDK held it`s national assembly at Suhl / Thuringia. This highest board of BDK had to elect a new national German leading body.With a result of 85, 7 % of the votes Klaus Jansen was reelected as President of the BDK.But not only those – important – elections were on the agenda but also interesting themes of preventing different forms of crime. Anyway – without a doubt - the highlight of this assembly was the award of the BDK-medal “Bul le Mérite” which since 1975 once a year is granted to a person or representative of an organisation who or which has gained special merits about the inner security in Germany – a lot of politicians, attorneys at law, police officers, journalists and others have been honoured so far – also the first Secretary General of CESP, Roger Bouiller. This year the choice fell on a police-detective and a pediatrician who together created a databank which allows registrated medics to recognize abused or tortured children to save them and to prevent even the worst case.