30.10.2013 - CESP

Collective Complaint n°101/2013 CESP against France

21st October 2013, the European Committee of Social Rights (CEDS) of the Council of Europe has declared the complaint admissible, Collective complaint n°101/2013 introduced by CESP against France (Cf. News of 17.06.2013 - Same missions / same constraints = Same rights!)

It concerns the military status granted to members of the National Gendarmerie precluding any right to organize. The complainant organization alleges that the French Government, in deliberately subjecting the so-called “military” personnel of the National Gendarmerie, i.e. officers, NCOs and volunteers of the National Gendarmerie, to military regulations has violated Articles 5 (the right to organize) and 6 (the right to bargain collectively) of the Revised European Social Charter.