06.11.2013 - CESP / ASFIC-PJ

Portuguese judiciary police on strike

The CESP wrote to the Portuguese authorities [129 KB] to support the action led by l’Associaçao Sindical dos Funcionarios de Investigaçao Criminal da Policia Judiciaria (ASFIC/PJ).

The CESP asks to the President of the Portuguese Republic, to the President of the Republic Assembly, to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice to implement the decision of the European Committee of Social Rights (ECRS) of the Council of Europe. The ECSR concluded on October 17th 2011 to the violation by Portugal of article 4§2 f the European Social Charter - Right to an increased rate of remuneration for overtime work – within the framework of the Collective Complaint submitted by CESP under the n° 60/2010.