24.09.2013 - BDK

Bund Deutscher Kriminalbeamter (BDK) Congress

The 14th Congress of BDk stood in Suhl, Land of Thüringen, in the presence of representatives of the 16 Lander, Bundespolizei, Bundeskriminalamt, the Secretary – General and the Treasurer of CESP, and of Mark Mönig, representative for BDK in CESP.
The congress theme was about “The future of the Criminal Investigation Police”.
On this occasion, the Congress members elected the BDK Bureau members and its President André SCHULZ.The Ceremony of “Bul-le-Mérite”, in the presence of the Secretary of state of Interior - Land of Thuringen - the mayor of Suhl and numerous police and judicial authorities, honored Professor Hartmut Brenneisen for his works and his commitment in struggle against crime.