13.09.2013 - CESP

Executive committee in Ohrid (FYROM) - 25th annive

The members of CESP met in Ohrid for the 29th Executive Committee around the theme “Influence of personal points of view on police officers’ professionalism”.

The Minister of the Interior Mrs Gordana Jankulowska participated to the official opening and underlined in her talk the importance for the organizing union, Makedonian Police Syndicate (MPS) of being member of the European family that is the CESP; and as well for the Minister of the Interior of her country. She stressed the importance of the works carried out by the CESP members, in the building of solid basis for professional standards implementation, and pragmatic solutions finding. The President of the INGOs Conference of the Council of Europe, Mr. Jean – Marie Heydt, honored the Executive Committee with his presence. The Closing Ceremony, in the presence of Mr. Ljupco Todorowsky, Director General of Makedonian Police, provided the opportunity to celebrate fittingly the 25th anniversary of CESP, and the 20th anniversary of MPS.