01.04.2012 - CESP/SAP

3rd cycle Trophy of the CESP

With 3700 cycle runners and more than 20000 visitors and spectators, the 16th edition of the international cycling competition, LA VIA DEL SALE-SELLE ITALIA took place in Cervia (Ravenna – Italy). A competition with two major trophies and in particular: the SAP trophy that for 7 years is reserved to members of the police forces and the CESP trophy, reserved for 3 years, to the first foreign police officer classified in the long course (150 km).
On the occasion of the press conference, the Deputy General Secretary Massimo Denarier spoke of the CESP alongside Mario CIPOLLINI, the cyclist who won, in the history of the Italian bike, the biggest number of stages of the GIRO OF ITALIA.
Very appreciated indeed by the organizers and the spectators, the trophy of the CESP was won by the police officer Marco FRONZA.
At the departure, the tea shirt of the CESP was worn by Massimo DENARIER with the team of the SAP composed of Paolo PRAMOTTON, Roberto PEDOTTI, Ennio CERISE