21.03.2011 - CESP

21-25.03.2011 – Work visits in Montenegro and in Albania

The President and the Secretary General of the CESP have participated in a working meeting with the President of the Montenegrin union, Dusan Vratnica and the members of his Bureau in view of the Executive Committee to be held at Budva on 6 and 7 May 2011.

They also attended in Podgorica (Montenegro) two meetings, one with the Deputy Director of the police forces, Nikola Janjusevic, and the other with the President and the Secretary General of the Confederation of trade unions of Montenegro.

On March 24, in Tirana (Albania), in the company of the President of the Albanian Trade Union, Sadetin Fishta and of the President Dusan Vratnica, they took part in a meeting with the Vice-Director General of the Albanian police forces, Rasim Borishi, and in an interview with the Albanian Vice-Minister of Interior.