18.01.2011 - ASFIC/PJ

Demonstration of the ASFIC/PJ in Lisbon (Portugal)

The ASFIC/PJ held, on the Place du Commerce, in front of the Ministry of Justice, a demonstration gathering 720 professionals of the PJ (out of a global PJ workforce of 1400 employees) in order to denounce the lack of social dialogue and the payment of overtime at the overage hourly rate of 1,50€. The ASFIC/PJ delegation and the President of the CESP were received at the Ministry.

29 leaders from 13 unions of the CESP took part in this event to support the ASFIC/PJ. They came from Albania (SPPSH), Bosnia and Herzegovina (USPF BiH), Cyprus (CPA), Spain (SPP), France (SNOP), Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (MPS), Hungary (FRSZ), Malta (MPA), Montenegro (SUP), Portugal (ASPP/PSP), Romania (Prolex), Serbia (IPTU) and Slovenia (PSS).

The other members of the CESP participated with the ASFIC/PJ through the sending of written messages to support the demands of their colleagues.