09.09.2011 - MPS

Round Table - "Prevention of psycho traumatic conditions of police officers”

On September 9, 2011, within the frameworks of the 8th Sport games of the Macedonian Police Syndicate, a round table titled "Prevention of psycho traumatic conditions of police officers” was held. On this round table despite the hosts many experts from different institutions such as the Faculty of Defense in Skopje, representatives from the Ministry of Interior Affairs, police trade union representatives from Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Lithuania and Slovenia were present. The forum was attended by the President of CESP Mr. Branko Prah, who emphasized the importance of this issue, and expressed his thankfulness to the Macedonian Police Syndicate for the organization of such forum with a sincere wish that this issue would be put on the Agenda of CESP in the following period. 

Besides the academic dimension presented by the experts from the Faculty of Defense, from the comparative experiences of the colleagues, it was shown that a little emphasis is being put on this issue by the governments and the relevant ministries, with the positive exception from Slovenia, Lithuania, Romania, and FYROM. Unfortunately the stress and post traumatic syndrome are the direct cause of numerous suicides, murders and antisocial behaviors among our colleagues. This approach requires a complex and organized social action by governments, academic institutions as well as NGOs.