19.05.2009 - SAP/CESP

Memorial Day

 The Secretary-General of the CESP, Gérard Greneron, with the Rhône Alpes Auvergne Zone Secretary of the SNOP, Eric Segura, participated in the departure of the “Flamme du Souvenir” in Aoste (Italy).

This annual commemoration was organized by Massimo Denarier for the SAP in homage to the Judge Falcone and the members of the police forces, victims of the Duty "Per non Dimenticare - Memorial Day".

This year, three French police officers (CRS Mountains), members of the SNOP, associated to three police officers of the SAP, have marked this event by carrying the “Flamme du Souvenir” as well as the flag of the CESP on the way to the Mont Blanc.