12.01.2008 - CPA

Demonstration of CPA in Nicosia:
The 12th January, 500 Cyprus police officers of CPA have participated to a demonstration in the streets of Nicosia. The board of CPA takes the direction of the demonstration with the President, the Secretary General and the Deputy General Secretary Efstathios Mitropoulos of the CESP and members delegation from Greece, Slovenia, France, Romania, Malta and Serbia (POAXIA, PSS, SNOP, PROLEX, MPA, IPTU).
The protestors gathered outside the Presidential Palace as they listened to speeches of CPA revendications and encouragements from CESP. A small delegation formed by President, Secretary of CPA with members of the board of CESP BrankoPrah, Gérard Greneron, Efstathios Mitropoulos and Michael Karamalakis of POAXIA walked up to the Palace to deliver a memorandum listing their demands to government spokesman Vassilis Palmas who in turn assured them it would be passed to the President Tassos Papadopoulos (Working hours, salaries and pension).