23.05.2012 - CESP/SAP

Memorial Day - Per non Dimenticare - Palermo

After a crossing on the Boat of Legality that left on May 22 the port of Citavecchia to Palermo, the ceremonies of the 20th anniversary of the tragedy of Capaci took place in presence of the President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, in the '' audience-bunker room'' of the jail of Palermo where took place in 1986 the Maxi-trial of the mafia composed of 465 accused of which the "parrain" of the "parrains", Toto Rina.

A ceremony was also organized at the casern of Palermo, seat of the service of the escort police of which the three police officers, killed during the attack against the Judge Falcone, belong to.

Late in the afternoon, one minute of silence was respected at 17h58, hour of the bomb attack, near the Falcone tree where more than two thousand people were gathered to pay him tribute.