21.11.2012 - CESP

Mobilization of the members of the CESP for the ASFI/PJ

The organizations members of the CESP have deposited to the Embassy of Portugal of their respective country a support letter to the claims of the Portuguese police officers of the criminal investigation police, represented by the ASFIC/PJ.

Thus, one year after the decision of the European Committee of Social Rights that has recognized guilty Portugal to violate the European Social Charter by not fulfilling is commitments relating to article 4§2 (Collective Claim n°60/2010) about overtime pay, no change has been noted by the ASFIC/PJ and the negotiations are at a standstill.

By this movement of solidarity, CESP members not only bring their unlimited support to the ASFIC/PJ but they also ask the Portuguese State to meet its European engagements and put its legislation in conformity with the European Social Charter.