19.02.2013 - CESP

Working Group ‘’Polices with civil or military status’’

A working group formed of SPP (Spain), ASFIC/PJ,  ASPP/PSP (Portugal), SAP (Italy) and SCSI (France) met together at the headquarters of the CESP with the Secretary-General of the Organization on the topic ‘’Polices with civil or military status’’.

The meeting was the occasion to focus on the duality of the internal security forces present in these four countries. Talks were about the structural and functional organization of the two forces (geographical location, competence fields, etc.)

Works have also concerned the texts governing the collaboration of these two forces, whatever they are or not under a same ministry.

The European texts governing the activity of the police forces were also debated, it concerns the provisions detailed in the European Code of Police Ethics and the European Social Charter.