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From 26 to 29 January, the President and the Secretary-general of the CESP took part in the plenary Conference of the INGOs in the Council of Europe at Strasbourg.

This meeting was the occasion to celebrate the new participatory status of the INGOs. With regard to the former consultative status, the Resolution ( 2003 ) 8 recognises henceforth a role more important for the INGOs as actors within the Council of Europe.

The participatory status for international NGOs enhances their active participation in the Council's policies and programme of activities, alongside the Committee of Ministers, the Parliamentary Assembly and the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities. It updates the consultative statute of international NGOs which has existed since 1952.

In return, this new status requests from the INGOs a work of expertise in their field of competence to consolidate their credibility with the authorities of the Council of Europe.