Forum 2003 of the Council of Europe





Last 23 and 24 October the Secretary-General of the CESP took part in Strasbourg to the Forum 2003 entitled Social Cohesion or Public Security : How should Europe respond to collective feelings of insecurity ?

This forum, organised by the service of Mrs Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni – Director General of Social Cohesion Development Division, was animated by various European speakers :

Researchers, academics, journalists, trade unionists and other members of the European Commission, the European Parliament and by Mr Peter SCHIEDER, President of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly.

Interventions and debates have successively tackled the following themes :

  • Feelings of insecurity and changes in society – What future for social cohesion in Europe ?
  • Informing or alarming ? The impact of the medias on collective feelings of insecurity.
  • The right to live in security – What programmes and legal instruments to combat collective insecurity ?
  • The right to live in security – What policies to ensure confidence and future social cohesion ?

During the debates, the representative of the CESP has reaffirmed certain claims of the organisation :

  • The necessity – for the European governments – to guarantee an equal security for all the citizens by maintaining on all the territory the operational capacity of  State police forces.
  • The essential implication – to solve the problems of insecurity – of all the social actors (political, economic, civil society, etc. ) and not the unique action of the police.
  • The need for the media for objectively reporting the facts relating to the problems of insecurity and the action of the police which can result of it.