Demonstration in Poland



Last 23rd September 2003, in Warsaw (POLAND), in front of the building of the Office of the Council of the Ministers, the demonstration took place with the participation of approximately 2.000 representatives of the Trade Unions of the Services in uniform, dependent on the Ministry of Interior Business and Administration (Policemen, fire brigades and border guards).

The demonstration aimed at bringing the bad financial situation of the policemen, fire brigades and civil servants of the Border Guard to light for the representatives of the power and for the society.

In spite of the statements of the Ministry for Interior Business and Administration, the project of the budget for the year 2004 does not ensure the financial means which would allow the correct functioning of these services.

For lack of achievement of the arrangements and agreements concluded previously, the trade unions of the services in uniform have expressed their dissatisfaction and they have claimed for:

  • The homogeneity within the framework of the admissions in the service, the vacation and the disciplinary procedures.
  • The definition of the dimension of the duration of the service in the body of the fire brigades - according to the Constitution of Poland.
  • The realisation of the preliminary classifications on the finances, confirmed by the specifications of the Ministry for Interior Business and Administration grouping.
  • The increase of the means planned for the personal protection of the civil servants.
  • The guarantee of the adequate capital outlay for the normal functioning of these services.
  • Leszek MILLER, Prime Minister of the Polish government, received the petition, in which among others, trade unions assert their claim to the restoring of the dialogue from the government, as well as the rise in wages for the civil servants of every service dependent on the Ministry for Interior Business and Administration -at the level proposed by the group established by the Minister for Interior Business and Administration.