Gdansk 15 and 16 May 2004

The CESP Executive Committee met in Gdansk Poland between the 15th/16th May 2004.

The CESP is an European Association of about 300,000 Police Officers in Europe. We have now 16 out of 25 EU countries inside our organization. We request a representative Status in Europe. We have created a Specific Commission to achieve this aim.

The main Agenda of this conference was about the right of equal conditions of work for all Police Officers in Europe. As a base document we presented a European survey about Police Pay and Career. Police Officers have often worst salaries and worst possibilities of promotion than other civil servants. Lately the host country has conducted a detailed research about the Pay and Social Condition of the Polish Police. CESP shall deliver the findings of the document to all bodies involved, in order to implement the recommendations to the concerned authorities.

Therefore CESP has to continue working hard to achieve better conditions and equality where possible for all members.

We request European governments to recognize and respect fully unions rights in accordance to European Code of Police Ethics (Rec. 2001 10) Committee of Ministers of Council of Europe.

Another topic was a presentation about organized crime by Europol. CESP insist that the cooperation with the new members is being intensified on all levels of grades as a two way street.

CESP members would firmly condemn terrorism and show their solidarity with the Spanish people and all the countries that suffer these criminal attacks and want to salute the Greek police officers for the end of terrorist movements in their country and our support to the Celebration of Olympic Games.

CESP would like to point out the following unsolved problems:

  • Missing Police Officers in Cyprus due to the Turkish invasion in 1974,
  • CESP demands after the latest developments in Cyprus the improvement of the ANAN Plan. It has to be more just and functional in order to guarantee the security and the human rights of all the citizens of Cyprus as voted by the U.N., the Security Council and the decision of the European Court.
  • He condemns the death penalty sentenced in Libyan concerning five Bulgarian nurses, without fair trial and demands their immediate liberty.
  • He asks the Portuguese government to respect labour rights and professional statutes of members of Policia da Seguranca Publica, the necessity to improve the working conditions of all Polices Officers and her serious worries about the security of EURO 2004.
Gdansk, 16 may 2004