Forum Mission Europa





Last 14th January in Lausanne (Switzerland) the President and the Secretary General of the CESP took part in the Forum  Face to  violence: the ethics of the police organised by Mission Europa in partnership with the CESP.

This forum was organised in the buildings of the Lausanne Hotel of Police, in the forms of workshops:

  • Workshop devoted to the   Principle of the ethics , by the Professor Jean-Franois MALHERBE, Philosopher and Ethicien of the University of Sherbrooke (Canada).
  • Workshop devoted to  the applied ethics  by the Major Pierre-Alain RAEMY and M. Patrice BOILAT.
  • Workshop devoted to  the criminal violence  by M. Jean-Paul LABORDE, Director of the Service of Prevention of the Terrorism at the United Nations Office against the Drug and the Crime.
  • Workshop devoted to  the violence in the every day life  by M. Gerard GRENERON Secretary General of the European Council of Police Trade Unions .
  • A Workshop devoted to the fight against the crime and civil liberties   by the Professor E. GRISEL of the University of Lausanne.