Forum on 3rd June 2004






On 3rd June 2004, at the United Nations (Geneva), on the occasion of the 10th birthday of the International Year of the Family, Mission Europa organised a Forum chaired by the Secretary-general of the CESP on the following subject "Families and Security - Development and Risks." 

Mr. Pierre MULLER, Mayor of Geneva honored with his presence the opening of the Forum. 

Mrs. Michle BERGER-WILDHABER, President of Pro Familia - Switzerland, acted as the Mediator of the Forum.

The different speakers:

  • Mrs. Bernadette BAWIN-LEGROS (Belgium), Vice-president of the Conseil international des sciences humaines lUNESCO, Professeur de sociologie lUniversit de Versailles "About the evolution of domestic structures
  • Mrs. Gilda FARRELL (Italy), Chef de la Division pour le Dveloppement de la cohsion sociale au Conseil de lEurope "Migration and Social Cohesion".
  • .Dr Grard SALEM (Switzerland), Professeur lUniversit de Lausanne, Prsident de la Fondation de lEthique familiale "Family links and the evolution of the risks".
  • Mr. Eric Carlin (United Kingdom), Chief Executive of The Mentor Foundation UK "Drugs and Adiction".

It ended with a  table-ronde  animated by Mrs. Maria-Teresa Da COSTA MACEDO (Portugal), ancien Ministre et Prsidente de la Confdration des Associations familiales et du Centre International de Projets Actions Partenariales.