ANPV involved in mega-action




Over 200.000 demonstrants in Amsterdam NL





The representatives of the police force association ANPV were presently prominent at the large trade union demonstration on the museum square in Amsterdam. THE ANPV had found a centre spot in the stand of the police force trade unions.



Under enthusiastic command of President Ron Tournier the governing trade board members of the ANPV gave acte the presence.



On this very succesfull demonstration were more than 200.000 participants and with that gave a clear indication to the current cabinet Balkenende. In advance the cabinet said that the trade unions in theNetherlands could no longer produce so many domonstrators, but they made an awfull mistake in that.
This clear indicator cannot be put down, in spite of the sentences already pronounced by ministers that they do not think it is usefull to demonstrate to change their mindsa on matters. According to him all that wide 200.000 people do not know what it was about. What a terrible arrogance!





We will continue fight against this absurdity and the not social plans of this cabinet. The plans of the government are:
- to lower unemployment pays
- to reduce disability pays
- to change the pension age from 55-57 to 65
- to freeze salary-rises
- to change ilness payment in the second sickleave year to 70%
- to shorten curticy pays on unemployment fees



To make a statement to this government all trade union asked there members to join in a mega demonstration.

Trains were overloaded, busses could not drive through Amsterdam and traffic was blocked for hours on end.

A great succes, now we hope that it will have any effect. The first signs are already visible. Government stated that they are possible willing to talk again. The dutch government a this moment (Labour-VVD Christian CDU en Democrats D66) are acting like old regents from the 16th century, the politiebond ANPV thinks it is time again for a form of "workers-revolution" again.