Entry in the European Union  at 1st of May 2004




RE: SEC.GEN. 98 /2004    Lyon,  30 April 2004

Messrs the Leaders of CESP Member Organisations

 Dear Colleagues,

  • May 1st, 2004 will mark the entry in the European Union of seven of our members. So, I wanted to underline this event which will define for a great number of our organisations a new common border.
  • This new European space will necessarily modify the every day life of the police officers that we represent. I make the wishes that the official collaboration between the police forces is made just like our collaboration and that for the good of all European citizens.
  • The European Council of Police Unions appears today as a precursor of this close link which began on September 16, 1990 in Strasbourg and intensified the following years.
  • In a few days the family of the European Council of Police Unions will be gathered in Gdansk where we will have the opportunity - all together - to celebrate this event.


Secrtaire Gnral du CESP