22.02.2006 - ASPP-PSP - CESP

ASPP-PSP/CESP - Portugal, after Euro 2004!

To the Mediator of the Portuguese Republic

Dear Sir,

On 28 July 2004 you sent me a letter – copy enclosed – in answer to my letter of 24 March of the same year, about the preparation of the forces of public security during the Euro 2004.

By this letter, you informed me that a commission of investigation would be led to analyze - afterwards – the working conditions of the public security police officers on the occasion of the European event.

Today, that is to say 19 months after your formal engagement to "carry out to end this survey" (sic), I didn’t received any information on this subject.

Police forces’ professionals, of the 17 members states of the European Council of Police Unions, are regularly asking me on the progress of this survey about which they particularly care.

It is true that the Europe of the Police forces is often compared to a chain, whose solidity would be equal to the force of its weakest link.

I ask you to inform me of the progress report or the conclusions of this long and meticulous investigation to allow me to inform and reassure my constituents.
Looking forward your answer,

Sincerely Yours

Secrétaire général du CESP

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