20.02.2006 - BDK

Peer review on Justice and Home Affairs, in Sofia, in Bulgaria on 20-24 February 2006.

The EU is entering a crucial stage in the pre-accession process with Bulgaria, which expects to join the EU in January 2007.

In May 2006 the European Commission will recommend whether or not Bulgaria is ready for accession in 2007 as planned.

In the run-up to that decision, the EU has organised and is organising a number of peer-review mission in the area of justice and home affairs. One of the sectors which deserves specific attention is the fight against corruption in law enforcement agencies, in particular the customs and the border police. Other areas to be covered during this mission by other experts are border management, fight against organised crime, data protection, reform of the justice system and fight against money laundering.

The president of the BDK, Klaus Jansen was invited to act as Member State expert to the following above mentioned.

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