16.01.2006 - PJ

Portuguese Criminal police on strike

Portuguese criminal police (Judiciary Police - JP) Inspectors, Chief inspectors and Coordinators began on the 16th January a series of strikes, refusing to work after labour hours (before 09h00 a.m. and after 05h30 p.m.), between that date and 31st January.

The first stage of a strategy to show deep dissatisfaction with the governmental measures which criminal investigators consider “slowly strangling” that institution. The second stage, from 1st February till the end of April, workers will go on sectional strike on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

What is at stake?

The right to a serious negotiation, because, after almost a year of negotiation, the government unexpectedly ignored what it had promised before.
The reduction of around 50 % of the 2006 ordinary JP budget, which completely “strangles” organized crime investigation.
The unexpected exit of 21 % of the workers (2005/2006) that were victims of the new and disapproving changes in the retirement system.
The lack of superior and intermediate leadership (100 Chief-inspectors and 50 Coordinators whereas there should be 400 and 100 in that order)

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