26.11.2004 - POAXIA

From 26th to 28th November 2004 in Serres, a nice town in the north of Salonicco, took place the 11° Congress of P.O.AXI.A - Fèdèration Panhellènique des Officiers de Police.
The Deputy General Secretary, Giorgio DE BIASI, gave the CESP regards to Greek colleagues. In the brief intervention, Giorgio DE BIASI underlined the great professionalism shown by the Greek Police during the "Olympic Games", whose orderly development has been guaranteed especially by the Police.
The attendance of the Minister of the Internal Affairs, of the Head of the Police and of many politicians gave to the meeting a great value, and the Board brought to the end with the firm intention of P.O.AXI.A to pursue the objectives underlined by delegates, in particular the recognition of the "peculiarity" of the job developed by the Police.
Job that, because of its particular and dangerous nature, should be well remunerated. The President GEORGIOS KAMARINOPOULOS and the General Secretary GEORGIOS NIKOLOPOULOS opened and closed the session of this National Trade-Union meeting that, during the days of Serres, has shown a great vitality.

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