25.09.2007 - FRSZ


FRSZ, member of CESP, organized conference, which was held on 25th and 26th of September 2007 in Villanykövesed, Hungary. Work was followed by four delegations of police trade unions; Slovenia, Macedonia, Hungary (all CESP Members) and Croatia. Topics and questions were common for police and trade unions inside police in that region, especially because of similar political development in last 20 years, which occurred in police as well.
Main topic of work was exchange of experiences in union work, some structural questions in police unionism, relations to ministries and police headquarters, salary system and some actual questions, like new Schengen borders and SIS II.
All delegates pointed out some problems, which are acute on the field of salaries, retirement system and insurance of police officers in mentioned countries. There exist some differences between systems in all those countries, but there are also some common problems. More or less all police trade unions have to negotiate with governments about salary system, working conditions and some special benefits for work in police, especially under specific conditions and during some special missions. One of important questions was also education system for police in different countries and borderline between police and private security services.
All the delegates agreed that each police trade union have to continue with negotiations and on the other hand it is obvious to provide all support and consultations for the members. Especially for those, who are in some disciplinary or penalty process. Finally, all participating delegates signed Final resolution, which will be sent to different authorities and CESP members. The resolution will be discussed on Executive Committee meeting in October 2007 in Bucharest, Romania.

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