24.07.2007 - CESP


On July 24th, Independent police trade union of Serbia organized protest demonstrations in center of Belgrade. Demonstrations were held as a result of many acts of discrimination in Serbian police by Ministry of interior and government. After all, Serbian police trade union has to fight each day for their legal status inside the political space in Serbia. In last few months there were a lot of problems in communications between police trade union and ministry. Especially, trade union has to fight for basic legal rights of people, working in union and against their strange relocations to other working places and cities.Demonstrations were one of many protest acts. Branko Prah, President of CESP, visited and supported Serbian colleges on demonstrations demonstration and held meetings with Serbian Police trade Union. Also some other Police trade union delegations supported demonstrations in Serbia. As following results after that act there was more pressure on Union workers. The topic will be discussed on next Executive Committee meeting in Bucharest, in October 2007, where the participants will get complete information about developing of activities from Serbian colleges.

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