08.11.2007 - SNOP


The Snop and Synergy denounce new conditions of work and a new compensation treatment.
Two police trade unions called their members yesterday to show their dissatisfaction next 8 November.
The union asks them « to lay down their weapon and their personal or professional mobile phone » in the office of their section head that day, « to respect timetables strictly, without overtaking » or « to put down days of recuperation ».
They accuse the Ministry to violate a protocol, signed in 2004 with Nicolas Sarkozy and envisaging the passage of the 12 000 police officers to the status of executive officers on January 1st, 2008, implying new working conditions and another compensation treatment.
According to them, there « will not be any more limits to our time of work and for only 15 euro more a month ».
The National Union of Police Officers (Snop) also calls the police officers « to express their deep dissatisfaction » by depositing their telephone on the office of their section heads. Moreover Synergy and Snop have fixed the
« principle » of an unitary national demonstration in the same breath if they do not get satisfaction.
Unions negotiate at the present time and still in the same context the regulations of the extra hours which are due to them for many years now, five millions, according to the internal sources.

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