06.05.2011 - CESP

27th Executive Committee of CESP

On 6 and 7 May 2011 at Budva (Montenegro), the European Council of Police Unions held its 27th Executive Committee on the theme‘’ Claims of police trade-unions: Vectors of the fight against corruption’’.

Sixty union police leaders coming from 19 European countries (Albania, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Spain, France, FYROM, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Montenegro, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Ukraine) have debated of the means to be implemented in order to fight more efficaciously against corruption. Works, supported by the presentation made by a doctorand of the Grenoble University, dealt with corruption in a broad sense, without excluding the question of corruption within the police institution.

Last 6 May, at the official opening of the Executive Committee, the Director of the Police Forces of Montenegro, Mr. Veselin Veljovic, addressed to the members of CESP.

On 7 May, with the presence of the President of the Regional Council of the Val d’Aoste, Mr. Alberto Cerise, the CESP organised the Ceremony ‘’Memorial Day – Per non Dimenticare‘’ marked by the departure of the Torch of the Memory carried by five cyclists, Italian police officers, surrounded by cars of the Montenegro police forces.

This torch symbolizes the duty of Memory that European police officers have towards the defenders of Legality killed doing their duty to protect one of the fundamental values of Democracy.

The torch was lit on 7 May at Budva (Montenegro) and will be put down at the foot of the Falcone Tree, next 23 May at 17h58 in Capaci (Sicily), time of the bombing attack which has caused the death of Judge Falcone and of his police escort.

This 19th Ceremony will group Italian officials, national representative of the Sindicato Autonomo di Polizia and two thousand Italian and European students who will come with the Torch of the Memory arrived in Sicily by boat, that was baptized on this occasion, ‘’the Boat of the Legality’’.