28.09.2008 - BDK

40th anniversary of the BDK

On September 28 in Saarbrücken (Germany) the Secretary-General and the Treasurer of the CESP participated in the ceremonies of the 40th anniversary of the BDK on the invitation of its President Klaus Jansen.
Were present, Mr. Wolfgang Bosbach, Vice president of the parliamentary group of CDU in the Bundestag, Mr. Peter Müller, Prime Minister of the Saar and Mr. Gerd Muhlenbach, Secretary of State to the Ministry of the Interior of the Saar.Among a few three hundred participants there were: the 16 Regional Presidents of the BDK and former persons responsible of the BDK, of whom Eike Bleibtreu, previous President of the BDK and Kurt Lehr, former Regional President of the BDK and Treasurer of the CESP from 1992 to 1999.