Collective Complaint n°54/2008 European Council of Police Trade Union (CESP) Versus France.

The CESP (European Council of Police Trade Unions) claims that the new regulations introduced by the French Government on 15 April 2008 (General Regulations on Employment in the National Police Service and General Instruction on the organisation of working hours in the National Police Service) are in breach of Article 2§1 on the grounds that it is impossible to ascertain whether daily and weekly police working hours are reasonable because such working hours are not recorded. The CESP also contends that the flat, is non-increased, rate of remuneration for overtime work provided for in the new regulations of 17 April 2008 (the General Regulations on the National Police Service and Instruction NOR INTC0800092c) infringes Article 4§2 (because the rate of remuneration for overtime work, where the latter is taken into consideration, is based on a rate below the hourly rate for police officers, and where compensation is available in the form of rest periods, such compensation is ineffective.The European Committee of Social Rights has recognised admissible the Collective Complaint N°54/2008 during its 234th Session - 16 to 20 February 2009.