Between 8th and 11th of December Branko Prah, the President of C.E.S.P. visited Budapest, Hungary. He took part as a guest of honour on extraordinary congress of LIGA, one of the biggest and most powerful Hungarian Union organizations. The Congress was held with the aim of joining two strong Union organizations. With new agreement of joining our member organization FRSZ became a member of LIGA as one of member organizations. The President pointed on some important facts in union work and presented C.E.S.P. in his welcome speech on the beginning of the congress. He expressed also full support to Geza Pongo, the president of FRSZ, who was later elected for one of vice-presidents of LIGA. After the congress the President of C.E.S.P. hold some bilateral meetings with representatives of Hungarian and international union organizations and associations.

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23.10.2005 - CESP
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