Sofia, 23 June 2006
The European Commission
Mr. Dimitris Kourkoulas
Head of EU Delegation
to Bulgaria


on the accession of the Republic of Bulgaria
to the European Union on 01.01.2007We, representatives of 300 000 police officers united in the European Council of Police Tradeunions gathered at a conference in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria,
Having regard toIn February 2006 a EU commission had a research in Bulgaria looking about the possible membership of the European Union. They brought out a confidential report to the EU commission about criminal affairs.
In March the confidential report of our colleague Klaus Jansen of BDK was given to the Bulgarian press by unknown officials and this leaded to a press campaign against Klaus Jansen.
Even the political authorities didn’t speak nice about the report and the colleague. Afterwards when they recognized the remarks that are made in the report as true they started to work on the remarks and conclusions of the report.
The CESP expects that the authority respects the work of members of a union in national and international behave and has to be cooperative to the working people. The CESP hopes that there will be a signal of re-establishing the trust should be made by the Bulgarian authorities to the president of the BDK in this case.
The Final Resolution of the Executive Committee of the European Council of Police Tradeunions adopted on 03.05.2006 in the city of Leipzig, Germany;
The opinion of the Presidium of the National Police Tradeunion of Bulgaria dated 22.06.2006, Sofia;
The Declaration of the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria dated 14.06.2006;
The Action Plan of the Bulgarian government on the implementation of the recommendations made in the European Commission’s Monitoring Report dated 16.05.2006;
The efforts made by the Bulgarian institutions to comply with the commitments ensuing from Bulgaria’s EU Accession Treaty;
The progress made in most of the areas monitored;
The process of appreciable reforming of Bulgarian Police towards higher efficiency and efficacy;
The contribution of the Bulgarian Police Tradeunion (NPS) to the European integration of Bulgaria and in particular, of Bulgarian Police;
The expectations of the entire Bulgarian society,

The Republic of Bulgaria is on it’s way of full preparation for its membership in the European Union.

The CESP believes that the republic of Bulgaria will complete all the steps needed to full membership in the time being to the 1-ste of January 2007. The CESP recognise that not all the necessary steps could be made in this short time, but the most important steps has to be made by the government, and the NPS has to speak out the trust that the other steps would be made in a short time after.

Branko PRAHPresident
European Council
of Police Tradeunions

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