The CESP meets German and European Parliamentarians
The Treasurer of the CESP, Johannes IMMEL and Mark MOENIG (BDK) met Mr. ERLER on May, 12th, and Mr. LLD VON WOGAU on May, 15th, to present them the CESP Resolution concerning Bulgarian authorities behaviour about Klaus Jansen and NPS.
Both were informed by us about the work of CESP in general and about the background of our resolution of May, 3rd, at Leipzig. 
Mr. ERLER is a local member of the federal German parliament, the "Bundestag" and is also state minister at the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has excellent contacts to Bulgaria for many years. He expressed his support for our matter of concern towards Bulgarian authorities. Mr. LLD VON WOGAU is the local member of the European Parliament since 1979. In addition he is chairman of the subcommittee of security and defence there and also member of the committee for foreign affairs. Consequently, he was very interested about the facts. He expressed his support too. He promised to send an extra letter to Mr. BARROSO and to talk personally to Mr. FRATTINI and to Mr. REHN about this case. He is also going to publish a press release.

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