Final Resolution
Velenje (Slovenia) 27 and 28 May 2005

The European Council of Police Unions (CESP) – an international Non-Governmental Organization within the Council of Europe representing 300,000 policemen through 18 countries – held its Executive Committee at Velenje (Slovenia) on 27 and 28 May 2005.

At the end of the meeting the CESP asks for:

A safe material and legal situation for all European policemen in order to prevent the corruption. The full application, for all the policemen, of the European Convention of Human Rights.Outside borders assuring the security of all countries of the European space, which implies sufficient and good quality security forces as well as an adapted immigration policy.Working conditions allowing the policemen to achieve the tasks that the citizen expect from them, with adapted working times while preserving their family life.The access to the European Police College (CEPOL) for any policeman, whatever his rank.The policeman’s continuing education to ensure his professional adaptation to the European standard and his personal development.
The CESP asks all European governments to remunerate the policemen in conformity with the commitments already took :

The CESP is resolutely opposed to the reduction of the salaries and of the rights already obtained by the policemen and it particularly claims for:

The immediate payment of the extra working hours accumulated by the Cypriot police forces between 1993 and 2002, that is to say approximately 9 000 000 €. The restoration of the Lithuanian police forces’ salaries that have been decreased by 20 % - since 2 years and half – which represents 70 000 000 € of unpaid due sums. The restoration of the 13th unpaid month – to the Hungarian policemen - in 2004. The remuneration of the overtime worked by the policemen in Portugal.

The CESP welcomes, as observers, our colleagues from Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia. It wishes them a quick incorporation as full-right members within our organization.

The CESP is opposed to any form of political interference in the exercise of the police force missions.

Le CESP asks for the application of the European standards to all F.Y.R.O.M policemen in order to allow them a quick integration in the European Union.

Within the framework of the respect of all the European policemen, the CESP requires from Belgian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian and Maltese governments the respect of policemen’s union rights, the ratification and the application of the international treaties establishing them.

Appendices:About the policemen disappeared in Cyprus during the Turkish invasion in 1974:
The CESP demands the immediate conclusion of the Cypriot problem by the application of the decisions of the UNO, of the Security Council and of the European Community authorities, to allow a fair and efficient solution and the application of Human Rights to every and each Cypriot citizen.

In Spain:
The CESP vigorously condemns and reacts against the growth of the terrorism of the E.T.A., in parallel with negotiations offered by the government.

This terrorist group’s constant lack of will for negotiation and his permanent aptitude for murder put in evidence that the Spanish government adopts inappropriate proposals.
The CESP declares that it is not possible to negotiate with those that only think about killing and the only evocation of a possibility of grace measures for the assassins causes repulsion and indignation within its members.

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