The 17th of September the President of the CESP, Mr. Rafael GASSÓ presented the work “Police Pay and Career in Europe” to the members of the “Steering Group on the Reform of the Police in Macedonia.”

In this survey the CESP analyses deeply the work conditions and structure of professional career in Europe. In the private area of the WEB SITE authorised members can accede to the Power Point Presentation of the WORK.

After this presentation a delegation composed by the President of the CESP, the President of MPS, Mr. Tihomir Klimovski and the General Secretary of the Makedonian Police Syndicate was received by the Minister of Internal Affairs, of the Republic, Mr. Siljan Avramovski.During this meeting they agreed about the important role of Police Unions inside Police Forces, and the participatory status of the MPS in all the process of the Reform of the Police. They also talked about the European Area of Freedom, Justice and Security and the necessity of cooperation to cope with the problems of crime and security in this broad Area.

During the afternoon the MPS celebrated its Police Games and near 200 hundred members of the Union participate in this event. Also, members of EUPOL-PROXIMA were present during this meeting in other to extent links between members of all European Police Forces.

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