Conference in the Council of Europe

“Responses to violence in everyday life in a democratic society”
On 7 and 8th June 2004, the Secretary General of the CESP participated in the Conference organised by the Council of Europe (Strasbourg) within the framework of the Integrated Project “Responses to violence in everyday life in a democratic society”


Why young people and violence ?

“Violence is a serious issue in the lives of most young people, and various types of violence inflict crushing damage on their well-being, integrity and life possibilities. In Europe today, many young people are acting to alter this ‘existing state of affairs’ by placing violence prevention at the heart of Human Rights advocacy. Instead of viewing themselves as either natural perpetrators of violence in need of correction or maturation, or as helpless victims in need of protection, they emphasise the key role that young people can and do play as protagonists of violence prevention”.

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