The CESP supports the IPTU in Belgrad

On November 13th, the Executive Bureau of the CESP and the representatives of the member unions of the CESP: the ANPV (Netherlands), the ASFIC/PJ and the ASPP/PSP (Portugal), the BDK (Germany), the MPS (FYROM), the NPS (Bulgaria) gathered in Belgrad (Serbia) brought their support for three leaders of the IPTU Serbian police unions, victims of inequitable penalties, not corresponding to the Serbian legislation or to the European texts on the trade-union rights.
The CESP seized the Council of Europe, the European Union, the European Confederacy of Syndicates and the International Labour Office with this file.
A petition was launched to support this action on the site: http://

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15.05.2006 - BDK
28.10.2007 - CESP