PSS, Police trade Union of Slovenia, focused last autumn with some problems in basic negotiations with government. Main problem of disagreement between booth sides is salary policy and new scale and ranking system, which was prepared by government. According to opinion of PSS and also public and media opinion, the government didn't rank police officers to correct payment rank and the Ministry for public affairs want to place police officers to the same rank as some other incomparable jobs.
For that reason, on 1st of December 2006 PSS prepared big public meeting in Bled, attended by more than 900 Slovene police officers. Members of PSS expressed all their demands on that meeting and informed media and public about the current situation in the police and salary policy of Slovene public sector. CESP was represented by Gianni Tonelli, deputy secretary general.
The negotiation between PSS and government were broken for about 6 weeks with agreement to prepare the analyse of payment ranks and to continue with February and that both sides will prepare some new data and facts.
After some weeks of negotiations PSS organised new protest meeting on march 8th 2007 to point out for all, ministry, general police headquarter, media and public, that the negotiations are still standing on the same point and that there is no much pation between the police officers. If the situation will not be solved on the proper way and in direction to raise the payment rank for Slovene police, PSS is ready to organize the strike, what would be for the first time in the history of police in Slovenia. In their fight and negotiations, PSS has a great support in CESP. Letters of support and recommendations, signed by general secretary, were send on the end of year 2006, to addresses of President of Slovenia, Prime minister of Slovenia, Ministries of interior, Public sector and Slovene Assembly president.

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