Président du C.E.S.P.

Branko PRAH

Born in 1959 at Maribor - Slovenia
Single, one child
Police officer
Member of the Slovenian police forces since 1978
Detached since 1993
President of OPS regional Police trade union in Celje
Member of the PSS since 1978, President of PSS (Slovenia) since 2003  
Secrétaire Général du C.E.S.P.

Born in 1959 at Lyon
Married, two children,
Commandant de police
Member of the French police force since 1982,
Detached since 1998 as
Secretary-General of the C.E.S.P.
Member of the National Council of the SNOP (France)  
Trésorier du C.E.S.P.

Johannes IMMEL
Born in 1951 at Lohra
Married, three children
Member of the german police force since 1974
Working in the Criminal Police
Member of BDK (Germany)  
Secrétaire Général adjoint du C.E.S.P.

Born in 1960, at Oporto
Married, two children,
Criminal Police inspector
Member of the Portuguese Criminal police forces since 1985
Detached since 2004 as Deputy General Secretary of the CESP
Detached since 1998, as Deputy National Secretary of the Executive
Bureau of the ASFIC/PJ (Portugal)  
Secrétaire Général adjoint du C.E.S.P.


Born in 1952 at Kalamata (Greece)
Married, two children,
Police Warrant Officer,
Member of the Greek police force since 1975
Member of POAXIA (Greece)  
Secrétaire Général adjoint du C.E.S.P.


Born in 1963 at CESENA (Italy)
Married, 1 girl
Inspector of Police,
Ph.D. in law
Member of the Italian Police Forces since January 20, 1984
Detached since 1986
Secretary National of the SAP (Italy)


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